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Home Intruder Safety: What Would You Do if Someone Broke In?

Sometimes the most urgent threat to your home and safety isn’t a big, hypothetical scenario when SHTF. Sometimes it’s just a home intruder determined to ruin your day. Do you know how to defend yourself, your home, and your family against an invader?

A break-in can happen at any time, in any neighborhood. Don’t assume that you’re safe because of your zip code.

Be Observant

If someone breaks into your home, you need to gather as much information as possible. Make a note of the time. Then, if possible, look for other identifying details. If the home intruder arrived in a vehicle that you can see from your windows, write down as much information about it as possible. Ditto for the invaders themselves–details like height, weight, hair color, and clothing can help the cops solve the case.

Afterward, make sure to check your home immediately for missing valuables. TVs, guns, cash, and prescription medications are the highest-value targets in most homes. It’s always best to have an inventory of your valuables, along with photos, before a break-in.

Code Words and Safe Rooms

It sounds like something out of a spy movie, but these tips work in reality. Make a plan with your family about how to deal with a home intruder. The first priority should be for everyone to stay put. If a home invader is just there to grab your TV, it’s statistically safer not to intervene.

However, if staying hidden isn’t an option, everyone should know where to go and how to get there. Assuming that you have already set up some kind of shelter in your home–and if not, that should be the first thing on your to-do list–it will serve you well as a safe room.

You should also have a code word that your entire household knows. Once someone texts that word or says it out loud, it’s time to spring into action–so drill regularly, but never, ever say it while joking around.

Once you get in the safe room, call the police. And don’t leave until the cops arrive and give the all clear.

Stay Calm

The reason you run drills for all types of disasters is so that if the worst happens, you won’t panic. Staying calm during a crisis is the best way to make sure that everyone gets through it safely.

If you or someone in your family is struggling to stay calm, run through a deep breathing exercise for about 30 seconds. When there are young children in the house, use your judgment about how best to help them avoid panic.

Weapons Are a Last Resort

If you keep guns and other weapons in the house, they should never be your first option. For one thing, many people overestimate their skill with weapons in the real world versus the firing range. For another, it raises the stakes for everyone concerned.

Most home invasions and robberies result in loss of property–but not violence. Try not to be the one to escalate the situation unless you and your family are in immediate danger.

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