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A long-range shot of the Denver Airport

What Is Up with the Denver Airport?

If you’ve ever dug into “New World Order” conspiracy theories, you’ve likely seen something about the Denver Airport. Today, we’re taking a look at the conspiracy theories regarding the Denver Airport’s supposed connections to the NWO and what led people to take a closer look at the unusual facility.

The Big Picture

In general, theories about the Denver Airport tend towards trying to explain how the facility sits atop an underground city that is either a headquarters for the NWO or some kind of facility of interest to the group.

This theory holds that the airport itself is full of visual clues and signals that suggest this sinister purpose. Read on to discover those clues for yourself.

The Murals

Numerous murals in the airport depict unusual scenes of violence and military conquest; some show gas mask-wearing soldiers putting children and innocents to the sword, while others depict a world seemingly ravaged by nuclear war.

Theorists speculate that these could be some kind of manifesto stating that the NWO will take over the world’s governments after a nuclear war.

Location and Size

Oddly, the airport is a full 25 miles from Denver’s downtown region, and the compound itself is rather large for the size of the city. Ostensibly, these decisions were so that air traffic didn’t interrupt normal city operations, and to afford the airport larger runways and more opportunities for later expansion.

The airport is so far from Denver that it is a functional exclave; it is located nearly within Aurora, Colorado. At its massive size of over 50 square miles, it’s easily the largest airport in the US. Its unusual size, conspiracists insist, makes it an ideal location to hide a New World Order headquarters under.

Blue Mustang

A large, imposing sculpture sits outside of the airport. “Blue Mustang” was created by Luis Jimenez, who was killed while constructing the sculpture after its head fell on him and severed an artery in his leg. The imposing, demonic-looking sculpture earned the nickname “Blucifer” from this incident and its sinister aesthetics.

Some have argued that this intimidating sculpture is to underscore the sinister nature of the New World Order, who conspiracy theorists believe are plotting world domination beneath the sprawling airport complex.

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