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What are Your Entertainment Options in a Survival Situation?

Fun and games don’t necessarily come to mind when you imagine a doomsday scenario. Except for maybe a misanthrope. But for most, survival situations and the fear of society’s collapse are anything but fun.

This doesn’t mean that you should totally rule out the idea of having entertainment and recreation options in your prepping. For any extended duration of a grid down, especially if the threat is relatively minimal, leisure activities are valuable to your group’s morale.

The Importance of Fun

Human beings need a way to release stress, like a pressure valve. Maybe you won’t be able to pursue all of the hobbies you were used to, or take a grand vacation. But with a creative mind and a few key items, you will have all you need for some much-needed entertainment.

Consider a hypothetical moderate-level upheaval of society as we know it. Where perhaps surviving is not quite a by-the-minute challenge of epic proportions. But things have hit the fan and we are spending our weeks without access to the grid.

Activities to pass the time will alleviate the stress that persistently builds up in tough situations like this hypothetical one. Games help us bond with our group and create a sense of normalcy that we crave.

Go for small, easy to carry games and items

Large, elaborate board games are fine for a bug-in or bunker supply, but certainly, aren’t practical on the go. Instead, start with a standard deck of playing cards, which will only occupy a few cubic inches. You can also opt to pack a foldable board game like chess.

With some creative thinking, classic games can pretty easily be created by whatever materials you have on hand, even if you are outdoors. A resourceful mind can fashion together a game of checkers, backgammon or mancala.

Even a pen and paper can be enough to manifest some fun. Battleship and Hangman are just a couple of examples of games that you can play on paper.

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