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Best Survival Gear for the Best Doomsday Preppers

When you’re preparing for the very worst, you need the very best.

It’s hard to know exactly what doomsday scenario could unfold down the line, so it’s ideal to cast a wide net and have a variety of survival gear to help you tackle any situation.

That’s where our guides come in: today we’re helping you find some of the very best survival gear around.

1Tac 3-in-1 Flashlight

You can’t plan to survive in the wild if you can’t see. A simple flashlight from the department store isn’t going to cut it either — you need something that’s versatile, bright, durable and capable of withstanding tons of punishment.

This 1Tac 3-in-1 also serves as a lantern, which is great for illuminating camp, and an SOS beacon so emergency services can spot you. If you are going to buy one multi-purpose flashlight for your bugout bag, this is the one we recommend.

1Tac Pro Flashlight

Sometimes the simplest survival gear is also the best. 1Tac’s insanely bright Pro Flashlight is a great purchase for doomsday preppers, survival enthusiasts and outdoorsmen alike.

It’ll cut through the thickest fog, illuminate dark forests and help you find your way in any survival scenario. If you’re looking for the best survival gear, 1Tac is your top destination.

1Tac Zapper

One of the best things about living indoors is not having to deal with all the pests and insects that live outside. If you find yourself in a survival scenario, it would be ideal to not have to worry about all the bugs trying to bite you.

This is about more than just itchiness and irritation — the last thing you need while trying to survive is getting West Nile virus or some other disease spread by mosquitos or other biting insects.

That’s where the 1Tac Zapper comes in: it’s waterproof, shock-proof and a champ at zapping bugs.

1Tac Safety Disc

These waterproof LED discs have magnetic bases and can take some serious punishment. They’re great for keeping in your car to alert others if you’re pulled off to the side of the road.

In a survival scenario, they could help to alert emergency services or companions to your location. No survival kit is complete without a few of these!

Hydro Can

When you’re roughing it and trying to just make the best of a doomsday scenario, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your drink is cold or not. The Hydro Can is a great way to keep your drink the right temperature and safe from the elements.

It’s durable and tough, able to take some damage without compromising your beverage. After all, it’s important to stay hydrated when you’re surviving the elements.

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