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Staying Safe in Bad Weather When You’re Away From Home

As a prepper, you probably have a plan set in place for if a tornado or other severe weather hits your area. But that won’t be of much help if you’re away when a storm arrives. It’s important to know what to do if you are threatened by bad weather while you’re out and about.

Think about the places you go often: work, school, church, as well as spots you frequent like grocery stores, restaurants and parks.

Safety in hotels and motels

Lodging establishments should have a weather safety plan for their guests, and it’s worth inquiring about if the information isn’t readily available to you. For example, does the hotel have any underground floors? As you may know, it’s safest to be underground when a tornado hits.

You might be told to seek shelter in a hallway, but it’s probably best to avoid big, open hallways with windows and doors on each end. Corridors become wind tunnels in a severe storm, which will send debris flying towards you.

Instead, opt for an interior bathroom or closet located near the center of the building and on the lowest floor possible. Remember to cover up with heavy blankets or any other item that can provide immediate shelter for your body.

Safety in public buildings – stores, malls, restaurants

Keep the basics of tornado safety in mind: Get in, get down and cover up. Find a spot with as many walls between you and the outside as you can. If going underground isn’t an option, stay on the lowest floor. And use whatever you can find to protect your head.

If your area is under a tornado warning, or if a severe storm has already reached you, do not attempt to drive away in your car. You are much safer in a sturdy building than you are in a vehicle.

Remember, it’s a myth that tornadoes don’t hit urban areas

Tornadoes and severe storms don’t only touch down in rural flatlands. An F3-rated tornado tracked through Nashville, Tennessee in 1998, killing 12 and injuring 120 more. Oklahoma City has been ravaged by tornadoes several times, most recently with a deadly twister that killed 24.

Always have a safety plan for severe storms, even if you’re away from home. Stay safe out there!

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