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Should You Destroy Your Cellphone Now Before It’s Too Late?

When it comes to preppers and technology, there are two main camps: Those who think we should all throw our phones in the wood chipper now, and those who believe technology can help plan and manage survival efforts. Which one are you?

Anti-Gadget Arguments

The best argument against relying on technology (other than the fact that it’s spying on you 24/7) is that it replaces the need to learn actual skills. Why bother figuring out how to navigate with a compass if you can just pull up an app? Why learn to forage safely if you can just ask the internet whether those berries are safe to eat?

If an EMP attack happens in your region, every single gadget and piece of tech you own will be dead. Completely, irrevocably bricked. That’s why your survival plan cannot rely on any kind of technology.

And, obviously, any item that needs a power source–be it electrical current or a battery–will eventually run out of juice. Solar chargers and gas-powered generators will work in the short-term, but if we’re looking at a long-term scenario without access to the grid, then you’re out of luck.

Pro-Gadget Arguments

On the other hand, current technology makes it possible to share tips and build a community with sites like Doomsday Hero. Being able to game out worst-case scenarios and exchange ideas with each other is a big deal.

For localized emergencies, such as weather disasters, stocking up on jump-packs and solar chargers is helpful. As long as you can get a signal, you’ll be able to use your phone. This can be key in finding loved ones, staying informed, and even signaling for help if you need.

Gadgets like solar-powered water purifiers make it easier and safer to go off-grid and live self-sufficiently. And you’ll meet preppers who argue that a Faraday bag is all you need to protect your valuable tech in an EMP attack or cybersecurity breach.

What Should You Do?

Our take on preppers vs. technology? Don’t smash your phone with a hammer quite yet. But don’t expect it to save you when things go down, either. Start a digital detox now–make a commitment not to use your phone on the weekends or after dinner. Wean yourself and your family off technology so that they can be confident in surviving without it.

Remember, it’s always best to invest in your skills instead of fancy gadgets. Technology may fail, but your skills will never let you down.

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