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Prepping for a Survival Situation with an Infant

When you have a new baby, it becomes second nature to carry around extra supplies for all the “what-if” scenarios, from pacifiers to Motrin and beyond. The same way you’d want to plan for the worst in the everyday life of an infant, you also should plan ahead in the event of an emergency or survival situation.

You might already have bug out bags ready for the adults in your home, but a baby’s needs are obviously different. Consider adding a baby bug out bag to hold supplies that will keep your child healthy and happy for at least three days.


You don’t necessarily need to carry any official documents for your kid. Simply fill out an index card with some basics: your child’s name and birthday, as well as your name and contact information. In the event you are separated, the information will suffice in lieu of your baby being unable to speak for itself.

Another great option is to order an ID bracelet that you can have your child wear as you enter an emergency situation.

Clothing and diaper needs

Again, your goal is to keep your baby happy for a minimum of three days. Carry some disposable diapers. To be safe, carry a size up from what your baby currently wears.

As far as clothing, soft cotton is your friend. Pack enough layers to keep your child warm: t-shirts, sweats, socks, a light hat and a jacket.


Pack some water and a supply of baby formula in your child’s bug out bag. Powdered formula is both economical and storage-friendly. You can also carry ready-to-drink varieties that don’t need to be mixed with water, though they are more expensive and have a shorter shelf-life.


Although entertainment value is not thought of as a high concern in a survival situation, it’s a different story when it comes to infants. Anyone with a baby knows that things can turn sour quickly if your child wants to play but lacks any sort of stimulation.

Keep a few lightweight toys on hand to ensure that your baby doesn’t get bored and you will thank yourself later.

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