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What Good Is a 401(k) After Doomsday? Retirement Plans for Preppers

You’ve stockpiled water, non-perishable food, and essential supplies. But what about your savings account? Savvy preppers are looking to alternative ways of saving for retirement–especially gold.

The Downside of Traditional Savings

Tying up your entire savings in a retirement account or even relatively stable CDs is still a risk. Banks fail. We’ve all seen it happen. While we managed to avoid a replay of the Great Depression this time around, there’s no reason to believe that banks are 100% safe.

Don’t even get me started on annuities, which sound great until you read the fine print! And if you opt for an aggressive stock portfolio to try to squeeze a few more percentage points out of your savings, you run the risk of losing everything. That happened to plenty of people in the last few years, and it’s likely that the stock market is only going to get more volatile.

The trade wars with China and Mexico, the looming threat of a North Korean nuclear strike, and the uncertain future of the global economy all add up to a volatile market. Preparing for a crash is just as important as preparing for a tornado or wildfire.

What About Cryptocurrencies?

If you got in on the ground floor of Bitcoin, then yeah, you’d be very wealthy right now. And we like the fact that it’s not linked to any particular bank. But Bitcoin in itself relies on the internet to exist. If you’re planning to go off-grid, then cryptocurrency won’t help you.

Bitcoin is also notoriously unstable. When you factor in the madness of Facebook founding its own cryptocurrency and international bank–seriously, that’s a thing they’re planning to do–then you can see how unpredictable and risky it would be to convert your savings.

The Most Stable, Long-Term Investment You Can Make

What’s the answer? I’ll give you a clue: It’s yellow and shiny.

Gold is a better option for emergency savings than anything that could be wiped out in a societal collapse. It’s virtually inflation-proof, with the value of gold holding steadier than any other currency in history. There are also IRS loopholes that permit Americans to invest in a so-called Gold IRA without tax penalties.

If you think gold is the smart solution, then check out Gold Trust Precious Metals for a free guide. As more and more people turn to gold, prices will go up. You might have missed out on Bitcoin, but you can still invest in precious metals.