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Must Have Tools For Homesteaders

Homesteaders require a special set of tools to complement the unique set of skills acquired to survive. The list may seem daunting at first but sticking to the essentials will set you up to be a successful homesteader.

The Basics: Hand Tools

Hand tools are a great place to get started when building your list of must-haves. You absolutely need:

  • Hammers
  • Rakes
  • Manure Forks
  • Shovels
  • Hoes
  • Cultivators
  • T-post Driver

These basics will get you started on stepping up your hand tool game.

Power Tools to Enhance Your Homestead

You’re going to need more than hand tools when it comes to cutting and grinding metal. There are a variety of tools designed to make your life easier. An angle grinder with different cutting wheels will be a game-changer.

You might also check out a plasma cutter if you are wanting to make smooth and precise cuts to metal. Don’t forget your wire welder to fix any metal mishaps that you may have as well.

A chop saw and a floor grinder will be a need to have when building fences and shaping metal to fit in some applications. Skip the hack saw and purchase one of these instead.

We also recommend when buying these to look for cordless models to make it easier to build projects that may not be close to a power source. Be sure to grab extra rechargeable batteries for these. You might additionally want to purchase a cordless version of:

  • reciprocating saw
  • circular saw
  • drill
  • drill driver
  • impact driver
  • weed eater

Don’t Overlook Your Power Supply

Having all of this equipment is fantastic but if the power goes out you’ll need a way to run all of your tools. A generator is a must-have whether it’s for short term or long term outages. Don’t skimp on a cheap version and be left in a lurch when the need arises.

There is a tool called a Kill-A-Watt meter that can show you how much power the items you are needing to run will use and then you can size a generator based on those needs.

Lastly, buy yourself a high-quality hose. A heavy-duty hose that’s at least 5/8” and 100 feet in length will cover your basic needs and then some. Make sure you reel it up in between uses to avoid any hose chomping tools you might use.

Stock up on these basics and be prepared for whatever the universe throws at you. It’s always better to be over-prepared for any situation that may arise.

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