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Making an Escape Plan

To bug out, or bug in? That is the prepper’s question. Most preppers have made a decision to either stay or go in an emergency or disaster situation, and many have plans for both options. Some fortify their home into a fortress, and some erect a fortress at a bug out location far away.

The decision to stay or go divides preppers into two camps. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. No choice is wrong as long as you are prepared to change plans if needed.

When staying home is the best idea

If your home sits on a few acres of land with solar panels and a water well, you might be planning to bug in. It can be unaffordable to buy a plot of land for bugging out, and in this case, the best plan is to fortify your home base.

Staying home means you can keep a closer eye on preps and execute drills easily. You will be well-equipped to handle whatever can happen.

Why escape?

The risk of staying home is that as any military strategist knows, your property can be overrun by a superior force. No matter how well your acreage is fortified, a well-trained and equipped group can overtake it. The same goes for if you have a remote bug out location. You must make an escape plan in the event that something like this happens.

Making the plan

It is crucial to decide now what your ejection plan will be. Some preppers dig a tunnel or a ditch to avoid being seen as they escape. Think of a safe place that you and your group know. You don’t have to own the space. It can be your favorite fishing spot or another isolated spot located within a few miles of your home.

Any spot that isn’t well-known, like a popular public park, will be suitable. Run escape drills with your group to ensure that everyone knows a safe and efficient way to get to your escape location. You may be able to return to your home or bug out land after it is safe to do so but always plan for the possibility of needing to hit the eject button and get out of dodge.

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