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Magnetic Pole Shifting Towards Siberia: Scientists Baffled

A disturbing news story indicates that the magnetic north of Earth is shifting, rapidly, towards Siberia and away from the North Pole.

As for why, scientists are presently unsure. In fact, some have described the phenomenon as “baffling,” while others contend that something we don’t understand is happening.

Why Does This Matter?

The earth’s magnetic pole has been shifting at a rate of roughly 34 miles per year towards Siberia. This unusually fast pace has caused scientists to update their yearly world magnetic map a full year early to reflect the increase in pole drift. This should be alarming to everyone. Of course, Earth’s magnetic poles switch places every hundred thousand years or so, but this is occurring at a rate far faster than anticipated.

The magnetic world model is important for a number of reasons, though its navigational uses are the most pressing for day-to-day life. GPS technology, airplanes, boats and more all use the model as the guide for how they navigate. A dramatic shift in magnetic north could cause GPS technology to malfunction, resulting in planes getting lost, ships missing their destinations, and people being unable to use their personal GPS devices.

Reliance on Technology

Even simple technology, such as compasses, relies on magnetic north to help travelers, pilots, and captains find their way. If the poles begin to drift in unexpected ways, conventional methods of navigation may become less reliable.

This scenario should ring bells for many preppers.

People in the prepper community know that reliance on technology can be as much of a hindrance as a convenience. This is why detailed maps, charts, and firsthand knowledge can often beat out technology when it comes to navigation.

What Should You Do?

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast or someone who often travels, don’t be surprised if your navigational technologies start acting strangely. Equip yourself with maps and acquaint yourself with any area you plan to travel in. Make sure you keep a flare gun on your person or in your vehicle, in case of emergency.

Finally, make sure you stay safe out there! The world can be a tough place.

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