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Know These 3 Warning Signs of a Tornado

For us preppers who put so much time and effort into keeping ourselves, our families and our property safe, the thought of a tornado is a scary one. It can obliterate your home and all of your hard work in an instant. More importantly, a tornado can take your life, so be sure to know the early warning signs that a tornado is coming.

As with any potential disaster scenario, set a plan with your family for what to do in case of an emergency. Determine a location to meet, stock up on protective coverings, keep a stockpile of food and water, and check NOAA Weather warnings on your TV or radio.

The signs of a tornado

While tornados sometimes materialize suddenly without warning, others can take a while to reach the ground. And keep in mind that tornadoes don’t always take the shape of a funnel. So it’s very important to know the symptoms of an impending tornado so you can react accordingly.

Changes in the sky color and clouds

If it’s daytime, watch the skies to see if they turn a dark blue or green color, and swirling clouds. A change in the movement of clouds is a strong indicator, especially if they seem to be rotating. Even before a tornado takes on a funnel shape, the base of the clouds will start twisting into a rotating pattern, which is a classic sign of a tornado. Take shelter immediately.

Swirling dust or debris

Before a tornado touches down, you might notice a twisting spiral of dust or other debris in the sky. The debris can be large or small, depending on how violent the winds are, but the swirling pattern is the surefire sign.

Hail, rain and rumbling

Another tell-tale sign of an oncoming tornado is hail, particularly of the golf-ball sized variety. Of course, it is possible for hail to fall without a tornado, and vice versa, but the two are often paired together.

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