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Isaac Newton

Is the World Going to End in 2060? Isaac Newton Predicts It

Over the years, there have been lots of theories about when the world might end. Many have been proven wrong as the dates approached and nothing happened. (Or, perhaps some have been right – but didn’t account for the phantom time hypothesis.)

Of course, not every doomsday theory can be correct. But someday, someone might be right. Could it be the godfather of modern physics?

Isaac Newton’s Calculations

Even though he was a scientist, Isaac Newton was deeply religious – and interested in the occult, too. Based on his faith in Christianity, he predicted that the end of humanity would come by 2060.

While that seems like a far-off date, many of us will still be alive that year – if we aren’t wiped out sooner. Climate scientists have predicted things will already be way out of hand long before then if we don’t take strides to fix them.

Newton’s theory is based on simple math and the Book of Daniel. In the Bible, Daniel writes that the apocalypse will happen 1,260 years following the formation of the Holy Roman Empire. That occurred in the year 800. Add 1260 to 800, and what do you get? 2060.

Phantom Time Hypothesis

This, however, doesn’t take into account another theory that also happens to do with the Holy Roman Empire.

Holy Roman Emperor Otto III, along with Pope Sylvester II, and perhaps even the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII allegedly conspired to rewrite history, changing the Anno Domini dating system.

To do so, they would have had to add 297 years to the Early Middle Ages. That means the Carolingian period and Charlemagne would both be completely fabricated.

If true, this would perhaps buy us another several hundred years – and perhaps throw a lot of doomsday theories off track. However, there is a lot of evidence that refutes these claims.

The End of Days

It is worthwhile to note that Newton did not believe that we would all suddenly cease to exist. His thoughts, rather, were similar to those of modern-day evangelicals.

He also claimed it would happen after the return of Jews to the Holy Land. That, however, happened back in 1948 when Israel was created.

Newton’s thoughts were that the end of times would be ushered in by the return of Christ, who would reign for a millennium. In that time, the son of God would create “a flourishing and everlasting Kingdom.”

Whether there is any credence to this ultimately lies in whether you want to believe it. However, if 2060 marks the true year of the apocalypse, you can’t say Newton didn’t tell you so.

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