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High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program: Weather Control?

One of the more “out-there” conspiracy theories relating to catastrophic weather involves the Alaskan High-frequency Active Aural Research Program. HAARP, as it’s known, is a monitoring installation that uses a vast array of antennae to peer deep into the cloud to better understand weather patterns far in advance.

The conspiracy revolves around the theory that the HAARP antennae are used for more than just monitoring the weather. In spite of public scrutiny, HAARP has insisted that they are simply a monitoring station, going so far as to hold open house events where people can come check out the equipment.

What does HAARP do?

According to official reports, HAARP attempts to clarify forecasting and arm meteorologists with deep-atmosphere data. The monitoring station is capable of deep penetration into cloud cover and can detect storm formations farther out than most Doppler radar.

Their monitoring activities are primarily aimed at the ionosphere, as one of their primarily goals is to study the ozone layer. They can detect long-term changes in the ozone layer, keeping track of the effects of climate change and greenhouse gasses.

Originally, HAARP was the property of the US Air Force, but the ownership transferred to the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2015. Following this transfer, there have been three open house events where the public has been invited to visit the research facility and see the testing equipment used by the researchers.

Conspiracy Theories Abound

Conspiracy theories still circulate that the research center is being used for nefarious means by shadowy forces. Some conspiracy theories claim the government still uses the center, and that they utilize the advanced equipment there for “weather seeding.” The theory holds that the HAARP facility isn’t directly controlling the weather so much as they are “seeding” it.

In theory, it is claimed that HAARP can somehow use their monitoring equipment to alter the ionosphere and create conditions that are more likely to yield powerful weather systems like tornadoes or hurricanes.

Some variations of this theory hold that this is done to control populations and keep poorer regions in check. Others claim that this research is being done to discover ways to weaponize the weather for use against foreign threats. HAARP, however, maintains that they are nothing more than a research facility.

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