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Generator Safety 101

It happens all the time — a storm knocks down a power line, a transformer malfunctions or blows, and the power goes out in the entire neighborhood, for possibly several days. A reliable generator can provide enough juice to keep the lights on and allow your appliances & electronics to run during the outage. This gives you peace of mind during bad storms and saves you the stress of calling the power company hour after hour.

It is important, however, to be extremely cautious and know the dos and don’ts when it comes to generators. If not used properly, a generator can do much more harm than good and can potentially be lethal. Here are some tips to ensure you are being safe with your generator.

Choose the Right Generator

Add up the voltage of the items you plan on connecting to your generator and make sure to use a generator that can handle more volts than you are using. Also keep in mind that some appliances use up to three times their normal voltage when they are powering up, and their efficiency can be reduced over time.

Generator Placement

One of the primary hazards to be sure to avoid with generator use is carbon monoxide poisoning. Other hazards to avoid include electrocution, electric shock and fire. Keep the generator fuel in an approved safety can store outside of your home, preferably in a locked shed. When in use, never have your generator set up inside your home, as the fumes emitted from the engine are toxic.

Handling a Generator

Make sure to keep your generator dry, including the surface it sits on. Erect a canopy-like structure, like a tarp, over the generator to protect from rain. Also, make sure not to operate the generator with wet hands. Wear heavy gloves to protect yourself from electric shock.

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