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Dutch Family Discovered Waiting for Doomsday in Basement

A strange case in the Netherlands has authorities and locals scratching their heads. When a young man turned up at a bar in Ruinerwold, a village in the Netherlands, he told the people that he was the oldest of several siblings being kept in a basement of a nearby farmhouse. The man told locals that he was sick of the way his family was living and asked for help.

What Happened at the Bar?

The young man had a long, dirty beard and long hair, according to witnesses. He ordered and drank five beers before opening up about what was happening at the farmhouse. According to the man, his family was being kept in a hidden basement, waiting “for the end of time.” Police visited the farmhouse to investigate the claims.

It turned out that there was a hidden stairway concealed by a cupboard at the home. A 58-year-old man was the only one known to live on the property, but a family of young adults between eighteen and twenty-five were found in the hidden basement.

What Was Going on at the Farmhouse?

Authorities are still uncertain as to what they found at the farmhouse. The 58-year-old was initially assumed to be the father, though this wasn’t actually the case. Likewise, he also wasn’t the owner of the farmhouse property. The authorities stated that they’ve “never seen anything like this.”

The man was taken into custody for refusing to cooperate with investigators. According to the young man from the bar, he and his family had been in the basement waiting for doomsday for nine years. A neighbor told the media that he had only ever seen one person on the farm and was unaware of the family living in the basement.

Meanwhile, the postman for the area recalled that he had never delivered a letter to the farmhouse. He found it odd, in retrospect, that he’d never had anything to deliver to the property. At the time of this writing, it’s unclear what, exactly, was happening at the house, whether the family was being held against their will, and what happened to the children’s mother. Authorities are still investigating the matter, but we’ll keep you posted on this strange story of extreme prepping.

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