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Survive Extreme Heat

Can You Take the Heat? How to Survive an Extreme Heat Wave

A heat wave is no joke. It leads to dehydration, cramping, exhaustion, and eventually heatstroke–which in turn leads to organ failure and death. We rely too much on air conditioning, electric fans, and refrigerators to stay cool. Do you know how to survive extreme heat without them?

Don’t Trust Thirst Cues

You will get dehydrated quickly in extreme heat–even if you aren’t doing much physical activity. Unfortunately, you might not start to feel thirsty until your body is already in crisis.

Drink water regularly, even if you don’t think you need it. You not only lose water but also electrolytes. You should avoid any drinks containing caffeine, as well as alcohol since both will make you dehydrate faster.

Check on the Vulnerable

Everybody will suffer in extreme heat, but some people will struggle more to survive than others. The elderly and young children are vulnerable during heat waves, especially those who aren’t able to move to shade or get water for themselves.

Pregnant women will also need extra help during extreme temperature spikes. Anyone who is on medications for blood pressure or heart disease needs close monitoring since those drugs make it harder for their bodies to cope with the heat.

Minimize Heat

Obviously, the first line of defense against heat is staying out of it as much as possible. That means finding shade while outdoors or staying indoors with curtains over the windows to block the sun.

Vehicles are the absolute worst places to be in extreme heat. They become solar ovens. Never leave someone in a hot car, even for just a few minutes.

What to Wear

During a heat wave, dress in lightweight, loose-fitting clothing. Wear lighter colors, and wear natural cotton if at all possible.

If you start to feel overheated, soak your shirt in water and then put it back on. You could also carry a piece of cotton sheet for the same purpose. Apply a rag soaked in water to the back of your neck to quickly bring down your body temperature.

A True Threat

As you prepare to survive both man-made and natural disasters, remember that extreme heat kills more people than hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes every year.

Athletes and soldiers alike die of heatstroke during training. It’s all too easy to cross the point of no return. If you’re in a situation where you can’t get the victim immediate medical attention, sunstroke is likely to be fatal.

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