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By the Numbers: The Impending Economic Collapse

Regardless of what metric you look at, the signs all point to a total collapse of the American economy. Many wealthy people who have good business sense and knowledge of the country’s money problems are predicting this. In fact, plenty of them are building emergency bunkers in their backyards. What does this tell you?

The numbers indicate a Depression is in our near future. Don’t let the surging stock prices so far this year fool you. Things are getting bad.

Home sales declining

Sales of existing homes were down by 8.9 percent in January compared to last year. In fact, the downturn has been trending lately, with January being the third month in a row to see at least an 8 percent decline.

Big companies going down

Giant department stores like Macy’s and J.C. Penny are closing stores in dramatically high numbers. Clothing outlet Gap is going to be closing 230 stores over the next two years. Victoria’s Secret will be closing 53.

Payless ShoeSource declared bankruptcy and is closing every single one of their 2,100 locations.

Companies are laying off employees in record numbers. PepsiCo just laid off a heap of workers in a four-year restructuring plan that will cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.

National debt continues to spike

The U.S. national debt is currently over $22 trillion, snowballing at a rate of nearly $50,000 per second. That’s over $67,000 per U.S. citizen.

It’s not looking good

Farm loan delinquencies are the highest they have been in nine years. During the month of December, American exports dropped by $4 billion.

Over seven million Americans are falling behind on auto loan payments and in danger of defaulting. That’s an all-time record, even including the most recent recession.

America’s last recession was rough, although it arguably didn’t change the fundamentals of life in the country. But whereas a “housing bubble” burst may not have broken us, the next recession threatens to do so. Are you prepared for the impending collapse of the American economy?

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