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5 Survival Tools You Literally Can’t Live Without

Let’s get back to basics and cover the most essential survivals tools everyone should have in their kit. We’re not talking about fancy gadgets or gimmicks. Just dependable tools that make everyday life easier–and might just save your life someday.

Ideally, your survival tools should serve more than one purpose. They should also be lightweight, durable, and portable. Invest in quality and take care of your tools so they’ll last longer and serve you better.

Fixed-Blade Knife

Every adult in your household should have a good knife and know how to use it. I prefer a fixed blade knife since it’s less likely to break or cause injury than a folding knife.

There’s little a knife can’t do around your homestead or camp. Just take good care of it by keeping the blade cleaned, oiled, and sharpened.

Entrenching Tool

Look for a  multi-use entrenching tool that can be used as a shovel, saw, and pickaxe. You’ll be able to dig a hole, shovel snow, cut through roots and vines, and break up tough clods with a single survival tool. A foldable, carbon-steel entrenching tool won’t set you back more than $20.


While hipsters are drinking beer and throwing hatchets for fun these days, you know that a good hatchet is an essential survival tool. Look for a hatchet that feels balanced in your hand with a head that’ll stand up to some serious use. It’s better to pay a little more now for a solidly built hatchet that’ll hold an edge.

If you want to step things up and add more functionality, look into a “Trucker’s Friend” survival tool. It’s an axe, claw hammer, and crowbar in one.

Cord or Rope

You might not immediately think of cordage as a survival tool. Although you can’t do much damage with the stuff, it’s still vital to have plenty of rope for a huge variety of camp life tasks. Paracord is good for a lot of it, but don’t neglect old-fashioned nylon rope, too.


No list of survival tools would be complete without the classic multi-tool. More versatile and hardworking than a Swiss Army Knife, a folding multi-tool will see you through almost any situation.

You might as well add a survival business card to your wallet, too. They might not be as versatile as a Leatherman multi-tool, but if you find yourself in a situation where you only have the clothes on your back–and the tools in your pocket–it’s better to have this than nothing.

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