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Survival Basic Musts for Female Preppers

While the majority of our advice here on Doomsday Hero can apply to people of any gender, the typical prepper is usually male. But there are plenty of women out there who are interested in learning about disaster preparedness. Here are a few tips specifically for female preppers.

Train for Strength and Endurance

You might not have the physical strength of most men, but that doesn’t mean you’re a damsel in distress, either. Women can–and should–practice self-defense, learn how to use weapons, and do strength-training exercises. Being in good physical condition means that you’ll be able to look after yourself in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

Focus on walking, hiking, and swimming rather than cardio classes at the gym. Take the opportunity to lift heavy things once or twice a week to build up muscle. A self-defense course isn’t a bad idea, either.

Learn to Live Off the Land

Whether you’re a casual prepper or a serious homesteader, learning how to grow your own food, harness natural energy sources, and raise (and slaughter) livestock is important. Without the modern convenience of supermarkets and pizza delivery, most of our time and energy will be devoted to getting enough food to stay alive.

Start growing your own food now–it’s better tasting and cheaper, plus you’ll master your green thumb now instead of scrambling when SHTF. You should also learn about food preservation, including canning, even if you don’t intend to be in charge of your family’s nutrition. Everybody in your household should have basic knowledge of essential survival tasks, and it doesn’t get more essential than this.

What About That Time of the Month?

Most disaster sites don’t talk about feminine products or hygiene. Again, that’s probably because the advice is usually written by men. I’m reminded of the famous story about NASA trying–and failing–to figure out how many tampons Sally Ride would need to take with her into space.

While it’s wise to include a month’s supply of tampons or pads in your disaster kit–just in case!–it’s even better to switch now to a reusable silicone cup. They last forever and can easily be cleaned and sterilized in boiling water. If you’re thinking about long-term survival, it just makes more sense to use a menstrual cup than disposable feminine products.

Don’t Limit Yourself

You might have an idea that because you’re female, you can’t do certain things like hunt or fish. Maybe you think that women should focus on raising children and tending the homestead. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with taking on a traditionally feminine role, you shouldn’t limit yourself to it.

Figure out what you’re good at and develop those skills. And don’t shy away from learning to use knives, build shelters, or make fire just because you think it’s a man’s job to take care of those things.

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